AI Care

The AI Preventive Care Solution

Our cutting-edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) pet scan is sophisticated and yet provides the simple preventive care solution for pet parents. Simply take pictures of your pet’s eyes or skin to check their health with the help of our AI. AI will detect abnormal symptoms early with an accuracy level of over 90%. With the analysis, we will provide veterinary advice on managing abnormal symptoms. Schedule an online vet consultation to further discuss the symptoms

AI Care
Our cutting-edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) pet scan is sophisticated and yet provides the simple preventive care solution for pet parents.
Highly experienced Clinicians and Paraprofessionals with advanced knowledge of Preventive Medicine, Triage, Tele-advice provide care
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We understand that taking a pet to the hospital is not always possible. Online vet consultation gives you the flexibility in your time, at the comfort of your home. No concerns big or small for our furry friends. Schedule an online vet consultation today.

The AI Preventive Care Solution

Pet health breakthrough app can detect when your dog or cat is sick by AI

Our solution features a cutting-edge AI technology that scans pet's eye or skin to detect and inform abnormalities. Although it won’t eliminate the need for further veterinary care, AI analysis can provide you answers and peace of mind sooner than a visit to a local veterinarian can. Download our app today to find out more.

The complete telehealth solution for your pet

Online Vet Consultation Coupled With AI Analysis.

Our experienced veterinarian team can help you care for your furry friend. From dietary concerns, skin issues, behavior questions, and to gastrointestinal worries, there is no concern too small or big for our team. Schedule an appointment today.

Video Guide

Video guide on AI analysis

Veterinary TeleClinic offers scan and detection of abnormal conditions using AI technology. Find out how to use the application through tutorial videos.

Guide for Skin Check

Follow our tutorial video to get accurate results on pet’s skin conditions.

Guide for Eye Check

Follow our tutorial video to get accurate results on pet’s eye conditions.

Questions patients ask
Can a veterinarian prescribe medication without seeing the patient?

A veterinarian must have examined the pet in-person before a medication can be prescribed.

How does veterinary telemedicine work?

States like Arizona, Idaho, New Jersey, and a few others eliminated the requirement that a VCPR only be established after a veterinarian conducts an in-person exam. This means that a veterinarian licensed in those states can practice telemedicine with clients living in those states.

What are the advantages of telemedicine in veterinary medicine?

Advantages include expanded access to veterinary care and reduced fear and stress for the pet clients.

What is the process for telemedicine?

Telemedicine appointments virtually connect a client to veterinarian. At Veterinary TeleClinic, this happens via a secure online video platform. You will need a stable internet connection and a web camera.

How does telemedicine improve quality of care?

Improvements include efficiency, reduced cost, and expanded access. Patients can receive care quicker than in-person care. Telemedicine also cuts out the cost involved in traveling to the nearest veterinary clinic, especially in some rural areas.

What is the availability of care from Veterinary TeleClinic?

VTC offers care for cats and dogs only.

Other than eyes or skin, are there any other parts where I can check using VTC’s AI scans?

Checking joints and teeth will soon be available.

Can I check pet’s eyes and skin health via AI scan with photos in my album?

No, you will need to use VTC’s app to take photos.

Why do I get different results for the health check?

Check results may vary depending on how the picture was taken. Lights and surroundings may affect the outcome of results. To get more accurate results, please read over the user guide

It keeps on asking me to auto-capture again. Why is that?

There are times when AI won't auto-capture if there's something blocking the eyes or if it's not the correct eyes you are checking or if there's more than one eye in the camera screen. Please carefully read over the user guide to capture the eyes correctly.

How do I cancel my VTC appointment?

You can cancel your appointment-based consultation by going to “Upcoming” appointments page.

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